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Q (1990-2019) Editie 221 uit 2004

Artiest^ Album^ Recensent^ W^ Verm^

# Back to mine : Carl Cox Sean O'Connell 2
Bio rhythm Rupert Howe 5
DJ Kicks Daddy G Gareth Grundy 3
# DFA compilation #2 Martin Aston 3
#trib Enjoy every sandwich : the songs of Warren... James Mcnair 3
# Essential Afrobeat Garry Mulholland 3
Out there Ian Cranna 3
Son Cubano NYC Rupert Howe 4
The hit list : American chartbusters of th... John Aizlewood 4
The trip created by Snow patrol Victoria Segal 3
ABC The lexicon of love John Aizlewood 5
CC Adcock Lafayette marquis Peter Kane 3
Aja Deception Dan Gennoe 3
Alice in chains Dirt Paul Brannigan 4
Arlenes Going to California Andy Fyfe 2
Daniel Bedingfield Second first impression Johnny Dee 3
Tony Bennett The art of romance Matt Allen 3
Dan Bern My country II Ian Gittins 3
Biffy clyro Infinity land John Robinson 2
Frank Black Francis Frank Black Francis Martin Aston 2
James Blunt Back to bedlam John Aizlewood 4
Ian Broudie Tales told by Ian Broudie Johnny Dee 3
BudNubac Que se yo Danny Scott 2
Can Ege bamyasi John Robinson 4
Monster movie John Robinson 3
Soundtracks John Robinson 3
Tago mago John Robinson 4
Coachwhips Bangers vs. fuckers Danny Scott 3
Leonard Cohen Dear Heather Ian Harrison 3
Phil Collins Love songs : a compilation of old and new Johnny Dee 2
Copenhagen Sweet dreams… Nick Duerden 3
Def leppard Best of Mark Blake 3
Detroit cobras Baby John Robinson 3
Céline Dion Miracle Peter Kane 1
Dosh Pure trash John Robinson 3
Eighties matchbox B-line disas... The royal society Victoria Segal 3
Electrocute Troublesome bubblegum Sean O'Connell 3
Elefant Sunlight makes me feel paranoid Victoria Segal 2
Louis Eliot The long way round Nick Duerden 3
Tommy Evans New Year's revolutions Emma Warren 2
Flaming stars Named and shamed Victoria Segal 3
Frausdots Couture, couture, couture David Sheppard 3
Stephen Fretwell Magpie Paul Stokes 4
Galaxie 500 Uncollected Rupert Howe 3
Gaslight radio Z-Nation David Sheppard 3
Gold chains & Sue Cie When the world was our friend Chris Blue 2
Good Charlotte The chronicles of life and death Luke Lewis 2
Jean Grae This week Angus Batey 3
Gravenhurst Black holes in the sand Martin Aston 4
Nanci Griffith Hearts in mind Peter Kane 2
Hacker Rêves mechaniques Chris Blue 3
Handsome boy modeling school White people Rupert Howe 4
Darren Hayes The tension and the spark John Aizlewood 3
Headshoppe All manner of things Johnny Dee 3
Helmet Size matters Matt Allen 2
Help she can't swim Present Fashionista super dance troupe John Aizlewood 3
Innocence mission Now the day is over Peter Kane 3
Isis Panopticon Paul Brannigan 4
Michael Jackson The ultimate collection Peter Kane 3
Elton John Peachtree road Paul Rees 3
Kings of Leon A-ha shake heartbreak Andy Fyfe 4
Korn Greatest hits : vol. 1 Paul Brannigan 2
Femi Kuti African shrine : live in Lagos Peter Kane 3
Lake Trout Another one lost Dan Gennoe 3
Ray Lamontagne Trouble Will Storr 2
Bill Laswell Version 2 version : a dub transmission Ian Gittins 3
Legendary shack shakers Believe Ian Cranna 3
Manic street preachers Lifeblood Nick Duerden 2
Jane Monheit Taking a chance on love Angus Batey 3
David Morales 2 worlds collide Sean O'Connell 1
Mudhoney Superfuzz bigmuff Paul Brannigan 4
Mutts The Mutts Andy Fyfe 3
Nairobi Yetu Kilio cha kaki Emma Warren 3
Nirvana In utero Paul Brannigan 5
With the lights out Sylvie Simmons 4
Pearl jam Ten Paul Brannigan 4
A Perfect circle Emotive Paul Brannigan 2
Pharcyde Humboldt beginnings Dan Gennoe 2
Damien Rice O - B-sides Paul Brannigan 3
Robbers on the high street Fine lines Matt Allen 3
Rodney P The future Cila Warncke 2
Rupee 1 on 1 Angus Batey 3
Saso I can do nice Victoria Segal 3
Nitin Sawhney All mixed up Nick Duerden 2
Screaming trees Dust Paul Brannigan 4
William Shatner Has been Garry Mulholland 3
Lucie Silvas Breathe in John Aizlewood 3
Simple minds Silver box Ian Gittins 2
Smashing pumpkins Siamese dream Paul Brannigan 5
Todd Snider East Nashville skyline Ian Cranna 3
Soft pink truth Do you want new wave or do you want the So... Victoria Segal 4
Soundgarden Superunknown Paul Brannigan 4
Britney Spears My prerogative : greatest hits John Aizlewood 2
Dusty Springfield Classics & collectibles Peter Kane 3
Neville Staple The rude boy returns Danny Scott 3
State river widening Cottonhead Ian Cranna 3
Stone temple pilots Purple Paul Brannigan 4
Subtle A new white Danny Scott 4
Tyrannosaurus Rex A beard of stars Garry Mulholland 4
My people were fair and had sky in their h... Garry Mulholland 3
Prophets, seers & sages : the angels of th... Garry Mulholland 3
T. Rex T. Rex Garry Mulholland 4
Tyrannosaurus Rex Unicorn Garry Mulholland 2
Lewis Taylor The lost album Danny Scott 2
Temple of the dog Temple of the dog Paul Brannigan 4
Therapy? Never apologise never explain Matt Allen 3
Todd Purity pledge John Robinson 3
Travis Singles Paul Rees 2
213 The hard way Angus Batey 2
U2 How to dismantle an atomic bomb Johnny Davis 4
Used In love and death John Aizlewood 3
Verve This is music : the singles 92-98 Ian Harrison 3
Andrew Weatherall Fabric 19 Ian Harrison 3
Whitey The light at the end of the tunnel is a tr... Garry Mulholland 4
Wildhearts The Wildhearts strike back Nick Duerden 2
Wu-Tang clan Disciples of the 36 chambers : chapter 1 Angus Batey 1
Neil Young Weld Paul Brannigan 4


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